Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The cherry orchard - deadbeat reunion Saturday august 3

Yes, you've guessed, Caitlin is upholding the traditions of nostlagic 80's nonsense, see you on Saturday, bevvy afterwards. Proud father, beaming unashamedly, that's what years of drinking does....

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Deadbeat issue 16 - festival round up 1983

Its always jumpin in July

Jumpers for goalposts, and golf, that's what july does. Well that and jumping about a Glastonbubble and at other festivals like the collapse of the Berlin wall, what's that? News just in July it was still intact? hmmn... I'm sure it wasnae the last time I passed it but I agree, July may not have been the month.

July however was the month Strawberry Switchblade did agree to arrive on the cover of Deadbeat  issue number 16. Its too hot, never mind the summer of 84, this is 2013 and its not for me all this heat.

aha - the picture above suggests it wiz more August, mind you the picture below suggests I need a nose job, that or a haircut, a shave, and also the long awaited diet, oh and a smile wouldn't be out of the question either.....

Grumpy git mair like. Anyway, I have found the issue 15 that had Pavlov Orange and many other stars not least

cant argue with Deadbeat, there are no mistakes there, its not the Scottish Sun. Oops that issue 14 and 18.....

15 is a well kept secret but you'll find it if you have a look in 2012, as for issue 31

Issue 30 is available but its 31 that covers June/July, must get some of that calomine lotion that slaughterhouse 5 sang about, these midges are jumpin this year.

See you during August, Spiegel tent is good, or at the Cherry Orchard, there aint much Checkov on this year but you know you gotta check out Checkov...issue 16 had a review of some budding actress back in the day, now we didnt tip her for an Oscar, but we did like her...