Tuesday, 31 January 2017

You're the next best thing - The Relations DB3 1985

From Perth came the Relations, and they put 3 tracks onto the third Deadbeat Tape. I remember going up to see them at some gig out on the Perth Road. It seemed a long walk from the bus station, that's all I remember, both going and coming home. Back in the day there was always a stagecoach from Aberdeen passing through Perth at 1am for the trip home. The journey was even more worthwhile when they did a cracking version of "Alison".

Silent Sculptures - by The Men Men - DB Tape 3

I loved this Glasgow band, but I loved making the video even more. Clearly I'd had a couple too many when I put the tape player in the back garden and stole some Gnomes from my neighbour, oh and some bricks...placed the rubble into an excellent installation and sang "Silent Sculpture", it was even more surreal when Jackie found me saying "good-bye" to the Refugee Gnomes 4 hours later....Alex the Dug, was barking....

Rebel Forces - Napalm Stars - Deadbeat Tape

A blast from the Napalm Stars as Fat Al shoots the video from the car - I'm thinking if 'All About You' could be shot on Arthur's Seat why not Rebel Forces - albeit the film is mostly of the dashboard....and the idea that Rebel Forces were coming out of the mist was clearly influenced by substance abuse in my youth....its only 30 seconds and the cameraman didn't know his portrait from his landscape...so here goes

The Invitation in a groove from 1984 DB2

Another wee snippet this one from the second Deadbeat Tape in 1984. The Invitation were in a few Deadbeats, always good for a quote and their gigs were an easy review, great band! I'm sure that's 'Whatever happened to the West' from APF in the video background.

Monday, 30 January 2017

"Lost in my Mind" - The Dancing Bears - DB2 - 1984

A short clip from the Dancing Bears, "Lost in my Mind" the opening track of the 1984 tape. The song was superb live as the drummer banged it out and the band played it tight. Ritchie Lambert wrote and sang simple love songs that were a joy to dance to and the crowd always danced. "Lost in my Mind" is like a Jimmy the Hoover track, its got all the summer sun of 1984 and brightens up even the shortest January night - give it a blast, you'll want more!

Bella Donna - Rhythm System - DB 3 1985

I loved this Glasgow band, big Drums from Les and a brilliant echoing sound, captured here by GG, and available for you to take that trip down memory lane. The band had all their gear nicked at a London showcase event but you can still hear it hear and hear the hard edged sound of 1985. There were many bands making industrial sounds but they were more rounded and Rhythm System had more of an edge about them. I interviewed them a few times and saw them as often as we were in the same town. They'll be one of the first names on the team sheet if I get the Deadbeat sounds of the 80's off the ground in 2018, along with.....

Arbroath's Pulsebeat Plus - Happy Children (sinking ships) - DB3 1985

One of my favourite tracks from Pulsebeat Plus. They were superb. Judge for yourself from the small snippet below.

Dundee's Circus of Hell - DB2 1984

Dundee's Jo Doll fronted Circus of Hell and the attached video is picture quality is clearly shit but the sound will be judged by you the viewers!

I clearly liked the sound, and the Tayside bar was always brought alive with the smell of hairspray and their entertaining shows.

They appeared on the second Deadbeat compilation tape - sadly only one copy is left - but it is the master so I'll try and get it loaded this year.

Issue 23 carries a review of the band so here's 50 seconds to let you hear what you were missing.

Pulsebeat Plus - Better by Miles -DB3 1985

Driving along through the Angus countryside it has to be Arbroath's finest that you put on the tape deck in the very old car. A short snippet is attached and probably pixel'd to death, but the sound seems clear! Those with a keener eye might tell me I'm not driving through Angus but my mum always said never let the truth get in the way of a good story and it's served us well at Deadbeat!

The Government - I dont ever - DB3 a sax blast from 1985

The Government were reviewed in later Deadbeats and the band gave us 3 tracks to put on the Deadbeat Tape 3. This is the first of those 3 tracks. Thanks to Gordon Gurvan from Retrodundee.blogspot for the videos.

The Government - Truth - how apt 30 years on - DB3 1985

Thanks To Gordon Gurvan at retrodundee.blogspot who recorded these and the provider of my new laptop that has enabled me to upload those 4 years after Gordon did the work!

Rhythm System - Cold Jungle Deadbeat tape 3 1985 - Thanks Gordon G

Its gae dreich out there - Rain all night - The Government Deadbeat Tape 3 - 1985

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Deadbeat #32 October 1985

Deadbeat #33 December 1985

Thick Skin - London Theatre N16


Thick Skin / Scratch / Harry / Galentines Gala

Wed 08 Feb

Before you get excited, it's just the girls. The One Direction lads are still on their ‘break’, pursuing solo careers, having babies, and starring in upcoming Hollywood Blockbusters (apparently some people are ‘too good’ for fringe theatres. Whatever). 
  • First thing’s first, their NEW SHOW. It’s called THICK SKIN.
  • Secondly, a delicious Friday night post show scratch
  • And to top things off, for one night only HARRY IS BACK. And what with it being so close to everyone’s favourite romantic/depressing day of the year, we are putting a Poor Michelle spin on proceedings by hosting a GALENTINES GALA full of fun, games, and booze. Lots of booze. 

Weds 8th - Thurs 9th February 9pm THICK SKIN (Preview) 
Fri 10th  7:30pm THICK SKIN, 9pm SCRATCH 
Sat 11th 7:30pm THICK SKIN, 9pm HARRY, 10:30pm GALENTINES GALA 
Tickets: £10 Previews, £12.50 
£16 Gala Ticket (for both shows)
Plus a pay-what-you-want for the Friday scratch and the Galentines Gala! 

Back with a bang 💥💥💥 New show, THICK SKIN, alongside Harry and other treats, 8th-11th Feb. Info & Booking here--

Monday, 23 January 2017

Poor Michelle are back - watch them near you!

Back with a bang 💥💥💥 New show, THICK SKIN, alongside Harry and other treats, 8th-11th Feb. Info & Booking here--

Monday, 16 January 2017

Subtitles - the Broadcasters secret

Its long been known by many of us that subtitles sharpen the focus, especially post war boys born during the 50's, from an early age watching that French film,  "Belle de Jour"...you read the subtitles, you tried to follow the film, but actually you were distracted by puberty.

I dont want to talk about that though, rather the concept us Brits suffer from, easily distracted. Isn't that what "Avant Garde" stands for?

Well that's what they told the young guys in 1916 during Battle of the Somme.

If "The Killing" from Copenhagen taught us anything, it was our capacity for understanding psychological
thrillers better if we concentrated.

How do you get the 'easily distracted' to concentrate?

Use a foreign language.

Its a lesson we should use in schools. I wish we did. As soon as the word is printed it carries a different sense, even a different scent. You can smell a shit sentence, well I can, as I write them all the time.

Its one of those things that reminded me that I will put out a few more issues of Deadbeat this year. It will be a bit bizarre after 30 years, but there's a need and we can fill it. There are spelling mistakes only we can do, the mainstream press just have trouble with their and there. We will put out monthly issues from May and by December we'll be on issue 40.

There's an audience over 50 and under 30 and with the lack of subtitles at most gigs, I feel obligated to write the lyrics.

The subtitle culture of concentration continues that wonderful Orwellian thread I mumble regularly about. As phones and other gadgets run our life, I love the concept of choosing to read which a paper offers but subtitles dont.

Subtitles oblige you to read them.

They are the Orwellian surge and I think they're the broadcasters friend.

I feel a contrarian argument in Gaelic hitting the letters page!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

37 years ago last May

Who knew after that 0-0 it would only be 37 years - we felt 37 hours would be enough!