Friday, 28 February 2020

I'd forgotten about my tinitus

Ha ha how I laugh. I've got a gig going on in my head and the worst aspect is seems to be quadraphonic.....

The sound is largely symbols but it's got a nice eacey rhythm 

I'm hearing the Proclaimers song ...the words for which are on the edge of my tongue's sorts of high and goes low and says,.  Well I've seen all kinds of rituals, and I'm fucked right out my brain, but you keep coming home ...again.....oh yes I fucked myself right up, cause I'm clearly a fucked up bairn,,...and I will be so grateful if you...could set me right again ....

That's drink anyway ZoO are soooo good you have to see them and SALT are already tipped to enjoy greater audiences - don't pay £150 for a ticket when the real deal is £10!

Friday, 21 February 2020

Happy Family issue 6

KB and I never agreed on a few albums which was great as he got Abba and I got the Happy Family

I don't think either of wanted the Anusia song imagination. It's of it's time and was probably not the best example of synth pop.

1982 line teasers

Great lines or minging?

You decide my only clue is

I'm not Familiar with all of Abba's lyrics....

Issue 6

Issue 6

I knew KB was a big fan of Bucks Fizz, but putting Jay on page 3 was a wonderful ironic gesture for 1982.

Issue 6 like all the early issues involved the Royal Mail quite a lot as Keith put the Deadbeats together in Edinburgh while I partied in Dundee or St Andrews.

Number 6

Number 6

Thursday, 13 February 2020

On this day in1974

I like this one - apparently I beat Bruce H at chess but much more importantly to my 10 year old self was that I didn't have this diary last year when I WON the chess tournament, oh how we laugh at the thought of this little 9 year old not having a diary to write it in. 

Much more importantly NUPE gave us the heads up in 1979 that an industrial dispute would see us without Jannies and Cooks! We took to the streets to support them. Nobody crossed the Holy Rood pocket line, let's hear it for the Jannies and the Cooks, 41 years on, I hope you won more than a chess tournament!