Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Fwd: From hospital D'Orbigo on the back road to Astorga

> It doesn't get much better than this. Blue skies and then you stumble across a shack where people have set up home and by the looks of things do pretty well on it. Living in the moment with the moment and then I'll photograph it to remind me of the moment - right back to the moment then...

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Sunshine on Sarria

After the showers going into Triacastela this morning, the Proclaimers classic was bastardised into camino version - I'm too lazy to post these to the fatal-bananas.blogspot.com so enjoying the rays and looking forward to the superb tapas in sunny Sarria. It's like a step back in time with beer €1.20 and vino less than a Euro all with the obligatory free tapa- bliss!

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Typos are us

Scotsman prove they can publish typo free pages but then again.... can they actually publish editorial nowadays?

Getting someone to write a page happens more regularly in the mainstream media than we think. Advertising features are one thing but clever editors ask people who have the proof reading infrastructure to fill their pages, understandably.

We at Deadbeat merely observe that Julian Cope would say "shut your mouth" and I won't try a joy division thought.... I've lost control and I'm giving the game away ... there was glam 1979/1980 and JD. I went from Sailor: the Rubettes and others to suddenly realise I wanted urban angst - in fact I was urban angst and when finally I arrived in later life at Nick cave's I to my arms I released my over inflated liver and released my brother from the bondage of intoxicating a 14 year old too frequently. By 16 I'd decided to ditch drugs for alcohol - cheers Gogs!

Lunchtime @edfringe

The Scotsman used to cover everything back in the days of Orange Juice. Rip it up and start again - whaurs uncle Eric b Mackay when you need him!