Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Government to Nationalise Taxi provision

Government considering UBER rival

If you can't beat them join them seems to be the mantra coming from our government as they consider how best to raise taxes from multinationals like Uber.

Uber drivers receive just 75% of the fee that they charge for driving their passengers. Set this against the government who charge only 20% tax after petrol and allowance for the motor vehicle  - it's quite clear to see the government tax revenues would jump enormously if they could nationalise taxi and private hire provision and the mandarins are all over it.

Corbyn supporters have been bemoaning that this government seems to have stolen many of their best ideas and were getting the socialist agenda over to the country but a senior Tory defended the jibe about this intervention in the free market

"We absolutely believe in the free market producing the best solutions - UBER is hugely successful and the software is easily copied so we have decided to plagiarise, that's what the free market's about. Leaving Europe allows us the opportunity to nationalise more of the 21st century industries. Soon nobody will talk about Clement Attlee nationalising or Saint Margaret privatising - it will all be about Mrs May who sorted out the national debt with our taxis."

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Fwd: From hospital D'Orbigo on the back road to Astorga

> It doesn't get much better than this. Blue skies and then you stumble across a shack where people have set up home and by the looks of things do pretty well on it. Living in the moment with the moment and then I'll photograph it to remind me of the moment - right back to the moment then...

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Sunshine on Sarria

After the showers going into Triacastela this morning, the Proclaimers classic was bastardised into camino version - I'm too lazy to post these to the fatal-bananas.blogspot.com so enjoying the rays and looking forward to the superb tapas in sunny Sarria. It's like a step back in time with beer €1.20 and vino less than a Euro all with the obligatory free tapa- bliss!

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