Saturday, 24 June 2017

Deadbeat first - another Scoop!

It only seems like yesterday when Karen caught Barney and the band after a gig in Glasgow and got the first interview ever from New Order. Karen sent it along to us via the canal and we duly published it 3 days later. How ironic that Sounds or was it NME or Melody Maker would pronounce "First ever New Order interview" a week later.

Virgin in both Glasgow and Edinburgh laughed as did Ripping Records, Groucho, the Tayside Bar One up, Goldrush, Record Shak....yeah you know, loads of them. To be fair it took me until the weekend to get the copies into Virgin in London but please.....Scotland came first!

So our scoop this year is our daughter Caitlin's show, or more appropriately my proud dad moment.

Writer, actress and part of Poor Michelle they have 2 shows at the festival this year and with any luck, her latest two plays get published in time for it.

Like New Order, Deadbeat are on this one before the rest of the mainstream media...!