Tuesday, 6 March 2018

August 1980 Rock Fest issue

So what were you doing in August 1980 - going to the nite club to watch the Ramones or Billy Connolly?

Thanks for this latest copy of the Rag - courtesy of Gordon Gurvan

Monday, 5 March 2018

The Midas Organ - Eric Browns turn

Roll back the clock to the meadows festival and then in August 1980 the real festival. 

I seem to remember the Cubs played the meadows festival in May that year but my thanks to Gordon Gurvan for some more great content from the summer I waved goodbye to Holyrood and fled fifth year for first year at St. Andrews - and the delights of the Dundee scene - the Dalry road venue is below - I believe it was known as Vietnam in its time as Edinburgh got more like trainspotters!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Great stuff in the rag #22

The penny drops as the mushroom rises! When drink was 35p a pint and protect and survive was £1.50. December 1980

Rag #22

How 1981 began with a price hike!

The Rag #18

Another great Regular music find from Gordon Gurvan find. Issue 18 was put out the month I left town for St. Andrews - read reminisce and roll a big fat one UB40 style (just joking) - Enjoy 

The Rag #22

Another piece of magic from Gordon at retroDundee and taysidebar - I'm loving the Shake gig at the Astoria for Edinburgh voluntary transport- back in December 1980 we needed benefit gigs from r a few things!

Talking of benefits - UB40 - owning your own label doesn't always work, unlike psychosis and dope, judging by their brotherly love these days,it seems smoking skunk for 40 years can make you the one in ten....

Reminisce & Read the Rag

Subject: The Rag #22