Monday, 5 December 2016

That's another drawer tidied!

I've gone all CDO, I'm so OCD at the moment I need everything alphabetic including my Del duero Ribera

Christmas 2012 - time for another party!

A garage of Deadbeats

I've been updating the biblio section and ~I suddenly thought - Surely I just make it a DIY biblio section and people with greater technical gifts than me can just type in the name of the band, eg June Brides and up pops issue 31 - ah!! Is that what a search engine is, so I could like, google Deadbeatfanzine June Brides,  or The Invitation or The Strawberry tarts or even Life Support? I'm so glad we stopped in 1986!

1985 continued

Some tapes from 1985

I love a good painting - I recommend you go to Madrid and see it

That's my kind of guitar

The Monochrome Set - post script

In the rush to write I forgot to talk about the songs that weren't played like 'The Monochrome Set', '10 donts for honeymooners' and as I started adding more to the list I realised with over 150 good songs to choose from it was never an easy task to whittle them down to a set list for this show.

Lets face it, we could have had 8 hours without a lunchbreak and that's not really fair on the band.

I want to talk about "Dont ski down the everest, with lilies up your nose..." etc but instead I have a pal Simone going to the gig tonight in Berlin and look forward to hearing back from her.

I'm sure she'll get the set list for me, a small task, but well within her ken.

I'm just so happy to continue spreading the word on one of the great bands of our time.