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ssue 14 & 18 front covers


Issue 19 & 19F - Kirk Brandon, The Invitation and The Alarm prepared the ground for the first DB Tape


Issue 21 & 22 - the biggest issue was 22. It took me hours to collate 6 pages, 3000 times, staple them and cart them around the country. The funniest aspect of this is 30 years later, I've still got 100 of issue 22. What the feck was I thinking. Luckily for me, when we stayed in Aberdeen in 1991, I got rid of 60 back issues. Jackie was moaning about the uneven floor in our (first floor left) flat at 101 Union Grove. Somebody lives there now and will be walking on a smooth surface all because of Deadbeat! If you are reading this now, I laugh loudly. You might think you have something of value, I doubt it!
Paul Haig generously posing for Deadbeat after a gruelling interview conducted by Keith & Vinny for issue 22.The coffee and chat was superb as was his flat with the mural wall offering a fantastic photo backdrop.
  The conversation ranged from soundtracks for horror shorts, the proposed LP of Josef K unreleased tracks, down to the perennial favourite of having to travel to London because we didn't have the array of recording equipment and facilities in Edinburgh.

 A great interview with Malcolm Ross, where the interviewee did most of the talking and Vinny actually listened to the answers. A superb guitarist and a choice of chippys outside the flat by the meadows where Vinny would have his fill after the interview, read it all below

I think issue 24 is next with Morrissey on the cover and the legendary Dancing Bears inside
 Morrissey in his own words. We know because we still have the sheet of paper that he wrote them down on. Issue 24 March 28 - April 25th also had interviews with the peerless Dancing Bears and Del Amitri. Kevan McClair (with special thanks to Jackie Gribbon) did the Del Amitri interview and caught them in a cynical mood with the added quote of 'but that doesn't make us cynics', yeah and "nothing ever happens", arrives three years later.... Vinny had been taken to a promo party to see Moroccan CoCo and Strawberry Tarts. Some primary school in Limkilburn, one of the more surreal experiences from the Deadberat archives. Karen, Julie, Oskar as well as the other regulars helped make this issue a belter.

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