11 Happy Hints,

This is worse than saving up footie cards when I was wee - I've taken more pictures and seem to have less copies  7,8,9,10,15,16,17,19,23,24,26 - filling the gaps will be the fun job for the month of March

Issue 7 - Christmas 1982

Issue 8 - Crows for a Pose


Issue 9 with the Cocktail Cat - every house should have one

 Issue 16's Happy Hints as Lynne & Cath compliment our summer issue with summer pudding as well as some of the best ghangover cures known to 19 year olds

Issue 15 and this is the real way to make a walkman. It was rumoured that Steve Jobs looked at this and based his first IPOD on Lynne and Cath's design


Issue 17


Issue 19

Issue 19 - Bak to Skool!

Issue 20

Issue 23 - The Aunties Grimm

Issue 23 - The Aunties Grimm

Issue 24 March 28 -April 25th 1984 

Issue 25

issue 26 July - September 1984 - My last ever uni resits - School's OUT!

Issue 27

Issue 28


Issue 30
Issue 31 - Valentine's tips

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