#11-17 1983

How good were Fun Boy Three and how good was this 6 month period. We had a mental time - after the McCulloch cover in issue nine had launched 1983, the rest of the year went by so fast I forgot I lived in St Andrews and as for the degree, forget it. We put out an issue every 2-3 weeks, we were partying in Dundee Galsgow,  Inverness, Inverurie, Edinburgh,  I even remember going to some primary school in the middle of Lanarkshire for a showcase gig. Well, I dont, but when I read it again I vaguely could recall it. Jeremy Thoms and the Strawberry Tarts played as did Morrocan Co Co. Its January 2014 not the summer of 1983, where have all my drugs gone, this cod liver oil doesnae hae the same buzz......

The New Order interview was a different class. A superb interview and the first to be published since the Joy Division days. A few days after Deadbeat hit the shelves it was sold out. This copy is probably the only one left. Two days after we sold out, Sounds and NME had the same interview....how we laughed, it is to the band's eternal credit that they talked to us and other fanzines but ignored the rest of the press. When I met them two years later after the Barrowlands gig, I thanked them again, while they sat me in a chair with a false bottom, how we all laughed.....bastards, go find a groupie I thought, before hitting on Gillian very apologetically. Matron like she dragged me off the floor and out the fire exit so I could have a smoke and regain ma cool....aye, composure, then I asked some really bad questions, wrote down the excellent answers, and had it pointed out that my tape was still running so dont worry about writing it all down, ...aye, silly wee laddie strikes again, clearly not cut out for interviewing. It was just as bad with Annie Lennox, I just sat there transfixed by her smile. We had been laughing at something, the albino Grace Jones moniker or the thin white Duchess she portrayed so well, then I sat silent n that weird way where you've had too many drugs and your mind thinks your talking but you're no talkin' you're starin' and its a bad stare, espeically when you start droolin' too. Luckily for me Hilary could speak for both of us as I could'nae speak, and when Annie had to leave we all smiled in our different styles......I could only envy the Lennox smile!

The flexi issue celebrated our first year - how happy are Twisted Nerve to be on the cover...not as happy as the Screaming Nobodies were to slag them senseless in the next issue. Joy of joy how we loved the band banter

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