This page is to help me navigate and any bands out there who had forgotten their name was in print can now point their Grandchildren to the issue (s) they were mentioned/featured in. It also lets the 'Remember if I have a tape or single in the drawers....hence the bold'

22 Beaches issue  issue 20, 27
30Days issue 27

Absentees Tape
Adam & the Ants issue 8
A.H.A.B issue 2
Ahmed & the Camels issue 5
Alarm issue 33
Ape the Scientific issue 23
Autumn 1904 (Edinburgh) DB3
Aztec Camera issue 3,4,5, 27
Blues'n'Trouble issue 27
Billy Mackenzie issue 1, 7, 27
Big Country issue 13
Btoc #15
Bluebells #11 and a few more
Burlesque (Edin) #16 & DB1

Chris Schuler issue 27
Circus of Hell (Dundee) DB2
Cocteau Twins issue 21,27

Crossfire (Edinburgh)

Dancing Bears  (Edin) DB2

Deadbeat tape 1 - only the masters are left - A bit of Edinburgh, Glasgow & Dundee

The Strawberry Tarts
Sunset Gun
Life Support
Wild Indians
Pop Wallpaper
Slaughterhouse 5

Deadbeat tape 2 - Bands from Edinburgh, Inverness, Dundee & Glasgow - 2 left

Dancing Bears "Dancing Beat", "She moves me" & "Lost in my mind"
Napalm Stars "Rebel Forces" & "Way of the West"
Circus of Hell "Loose on you" & "Sick 18"
Kithcen Raiders "Living in the dark"
Autumn 1904 "I heard Catherine sing"
The Very Thing "The Hardest Way" & "Conventionality"
The Invitation "Fall out of Love" & "Run out of time"
Movement 14 "The Show"
Strawberry Tarts "Who do you Love"

Deadbeat tape 3 - 6 left

With bands from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Arbroath and a few I cant remember, DB#3 was a great cross section of the bands I was going to see in 1985.

The Government "I dont ever", "Truth", "Rain all night"
Rhythm System "Bella Donna" & "Cold Jungle"
The Men Men "Silent Sculpture" & "Hidden Hand"
The Swirle "Leaves" & "Take me to the top"
Pulsebeat Plus "Better by Miles" & "Happy Children (sinking ships)"
Crossfire "Everybody wants my money" & "When I'm playing my guitar"
The Relations "Miles and miles", "The devil in me" & "you're the next best thing"
Splash me I'm drowning "Where there's a will"

Deadbeat tape 4 - still unavailable!

Paul Dickens

Eurythmics 11

Fun Boy Three 12

Kate Garner issue 22

Paul Haig #22
Half Kilos 
Hanoi Rocks issue 15
Happy Family issue 6,7,9 etc
Henry df McMillan
Hey Day #32
Hey! Elastica #4/5
Higsons issue 10,

The Invitation

Johnny Panic
June Brides (Pink label) issue 27
Kate Garner issue 22
Kitchen Raiders Inverness)
Kix issue 15
Life Support (St Andrews/Dundee) issue 3,4, 25,

Malcolm Ross issue 23
Monument 14
Morrissey issue 24

Napalm Stars and also

New Order issue 13, 25
News from Nowhere issue 27

Orange Juice #5/7 and a few more...

Passionate Friends issue 20
Pavlov Orange issue 15
Paul Dickens issue 20
Paul Haig
Personality Test
Plastic Surgery issue 25, 32

Pop Wallpaper (Edinburgh) Evan Henderson issue 17,25
Pulsebeat Plus (Arbroath)

Rhythm System (Glasgow)
Malcolm Ross issue 23
Rote Kappelle issue 27

Screaming Nobodies issue 18
Simple Minds issue 6
Siouxsie and the Banshees issue 3,6,

Slaughterhouse 5 (Glasgow)
Splash me I'm Drowning (Edinburgh)
Strawberry Switchblade issue 16
Strawberry Tarts (Edinburgh)
Sunset Gun (Glasgow) (Deirdrie Rutkowski and

The Absentees (Edinburgh)
The Alarm issue 33
The Bluebells (Glasgow) issue 27
The Daintees issue 7
The Dum Dum boys issue 14, 16
The Farmers Boys issue 9
The Government(Edinburgh)
The Happy Family issue 6,7,9
The Higsons issue 10
The Interrogated
The Invitation (Edinburgh)
The Men Men (Glasgow)
The Only Ones issue 27

The Relations (Perth)
The Ringing (Pink label) issue 27
The Smiths (issue 24)
The Strawberry Tarts (Edinburgh)
The Swirle (Newcastle)
The Very Thing (Edinburgh)
The Wake (Glasgow)
The Wild Indians  (Edinburgh)

30 Days issue 27

Tracy and the Questions issue 14

22 Beaches issue 20,27

Twisted Nerve (Edinburgh) issue 17,28


Waiter Waiter issue 7
We free kings
Wild Indians  (Edinburgh) issue 17,27


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