Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Happy 50th Ross!

Dunno, ziggy, Garry & Keith -1986 Baxter park sunshine

caption competition

Rich (guitar) Fran (photo)

1986 - selfie- after the gig at Baxter park

Simon Kettles - Baxter park

Si and Vinny

March 2016 - and March 1986

What a difference 30 years makes - or not as the case may be. Ross Bradford, drummer of Life Support pictured below at a gig in Baxter park just had his 50th birthday - surely he wasnt only 20 in that photo!

Simon Kettles, Fat Al aka vinny b and Rich (with Fran doing the photo's) make up the rest of the band that day.

As for the fan, Ziggy, Garry and Fat Keith were there and yet 30 years on its wee Gaz who's not so wee and Ziggy still looks the same....nice graffiti on the bench...I'm saying Baxter park but I've no idea what it was called, I just know it was Dundee and Jo Doll and the boys were the big band that day!