After finding issue 34 last month I've rediscovered issue 33c.

We used to put out a free sheet if we'd gone to sleep for a couple of weeks and as issue 33 went out in 1985 issue 33c would find a new audience had been born 9 months later. A collectors piece now as many dont carry the ad on the back, just a notes section for you to write in what bands you want to see in the coming weeks....clearly I was deluded, or just finding it difficult to let Vinny Bee rest. The Young Ones had left the stage, Rik Mayall's own metamorphosis would turn him into Alan B'stard and puir wee Vinny would have to get back to being Fat Al again. Its quite refreshing to see that I was so confident our comeback was imminent and who knows, 2017 may see the fat Phoenix rise. Sweet Dreams are made of this!

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