DB Tapes

I've still got boxes of tapes from bands that I need to send somewhere. A musical library, any ideas?

Most of these demo tapes are priceless and no price would anyone offer either, but the Deadbeat tapes did try and give a flavour of what came through our post box and many of the bands I never even met. As time went by I would spend more time on the 'next tape' and DB4 was the only thing keeping the fanzine thought going in my head in 1986. DB2 came out in the summer of 1984 and DB3 spring of 1985. We never made DB4, funny how tinnitus got in the way!


Link above to Deadbeat 1 - The bands and where they came from and if I have an address for you - as if you cant google it yourself.....

Strawberry Tarts (Edinburgh) http://www.myspace.com/jeremythoms
Twisted Nerve
Life Support (St Andrews/Dundee)
Sunset Gun (Glasgow) (Deirdrie Rutkowski and http://www.louiserutkowski.co.uk)
Sluaghterhouse 5 (Glasgow)
Wild Indians  (Edinburgh)

Deadbeat 2

Dancing Bears  (Edinburgh) http://venuesandbands.com/bands/Richie_Paul
Napalm Start  http://www.myspace.com/napalmstars and also
Circus of Hell (Dundee)
Kitchen Raiders
Autumn 1904
The Very Thing
The Invitation (Edinburgh)
Monument 14
Strawberry Tarts

Deadbeat 3

The Government
Rhythm System (Glasgow)
The Men Men
Pulsebeat Plus (Dundee)
The Relations (Perth)
Splash me I'm Drowning

The Government interview is below

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