Monday, 30 September 2013

Dancing Bears rolling back the years

"Looking back on the days when, we had such....."

Fun! You guess it and I'm sure Maurice and everyone else did too. That's what happens as you hit 50, you get bookings for all the private parties, shame I couldnt get blasted away but I'm sure you'd have a good one. I saw the Beautiful Suit a year ago, Donna alive and kicking cowboy joe and anyone else who got in her way at Simon's 50th. I'm not sure if it was the Ruby suit or Beautiful suit as once you get to 50 its all about getting the band back together, names rarely come into it.

I did the same myself last December as Tucker, Ross and Simon squeezed Dock of the Bay, Teenage kicks and Whole Wide World around my warbling.

But now, I'm off to Spain again to walk 500 miles. I'll try and write that September/October Deadbeat update, and the August one too but art is now immitating life as my attention is dragged off again...this time to vbcamino3, the new blogging home for the month of October.

Buen camino

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Rocky Reihill returns to Edinburgh Friday 5.22pm

Barney clearly still has Mark's guitar but if you want to catch up with the vile rapport guitarist, fat Si or Fat Al we meet at Waverley off the 5.22 fi London