Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Favourite tracks from archive Deadbeat Tapes

Its like Wacky Races here at the Deadbeat consul today. Dundee's Circus of Hell, have just nipped in front of the Dancing Bears, but Arbroath's Pulsebeat Plus and Glasgow's Rhythm System are right on their tail too. The sound of 83 v 84!

Also noteworthy as Deadbeat meanders towards 30,000 the website visitors will surpass the Fanzine purchasers soon. Distribution made easy, it wasn't like this in the 80's, back then it was all bus fares and walking, humphing sacks like a reindeerless Santa.

I think we sold about 2000 issues from 16 onwards and issue 4-8 we only printed 500. For a rainman like me I better go add them all up and then we can have another..... celebration. I'm thinking we probably sold about 40,000 issues in total over the 3-4 years.

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