Friday, 3 February 2017

Sunset Gun - "Influence of Love" - DB1

The superb Rutkowski sisters, singing a snippet on the first Deadbeat Tape in 1983. I was transfixed when I watched them live. The recording of a recording does nothing for the sound quality but you cant hide the quality of the voices. They also recorded "Rescue Me" during this visit to the studio and gave us that track as well for the tape. Its simply superb as many of you who have DB1 will have heard.

The interview is from #17 and there's a review from #19 below. I remember the gig more fondly than good time charlie reviewed it. At the time there were a lot of gigs like it where they were half showcase half gig. The Bowie night was on and some maitre-d would introduce acts to do 4-5 songs for our entertainment, but actually, it was for the 3 guys from the labels lurking at the back.

A link to hear the full recording of that tape is available at as mentioned elsewhere on the blog.

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