Friday, 3 February 2017

Who's that Girl?

August 1983 saw Deadbeat #17 - the issue with the flexi disc supplied by pop wallpaper and the Wild Indians and in that issue we announced the first Deadbeat tape with bands from around Scotland. You can hear the tape on the link and if you want to go to discogs you'll find more on the flexi disc and the bands on the tape. In the montage below I've put a couple of those singles that populate the drawers of the Deadbeat cabinets. The Wee Cherubs and Pride. What I want to know is, to quote Annie Lennox, "Who's that Girl?" I'm guessing she'll be 35-40 now. Someone out there must know! Gordon Ross was the photographer and the single was recorded at Park Lane Studios. Surely a perfect song to play at her 40th birthday party!

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