Friday, 3 February 2017

United State of Saxophony - The Very Thing

At 54 years of age its hard to get excited about "Conventionality" but I have enough of a memory to know the pressures that always exist to adhere to convention. As you all know, we are creatures of habit, we like the conventions we like and we find ourselves at polar opposites to Trump supporters, brexiteers, pro life campaigners, creationists, Fox news supporters and knuckle draggers or dusters. Personally I still support smokers even though I'm 10 years in remission I still like to inhale when I pass anyone smoking a DUMA roll up but please take your Marlboro and do a Monochrome Set and ....oops, lost it again, smile, do a Monochrome Set and smile! Some people like to carry guns, they like to....oops, I was going there again, my point is caller, that I believe the USA should shrink. The 250 million who never voted for TRUMP should create The United States of Saxophonists. It would be like FDR's new DEAL. Build your own Saxophone. They would have to get the metal, so many parts in 250 million Saxophones and possibly even melt down some guns to provide the metal. It would be like Mao Tse Tung and the melting of woks, except that instead of starving the people the USSax would actually stop them killing each other.......

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